Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Amanda's Dream

This has absolutely nothing to do with my 101 goals, but I thought it was hilarious and didn't want to lose it amongst all my other emails. One of my best friends, Amanda, had a dream about my future wedding and I received a several paragraph email from her about it. Here is that email:

"I had the weirdest dream that you got married last night. I woke up wondering if I had a large dose of opium before I went to sleep it was so bizarre. So check it out…

The wedding was in Kingwood, which is odd because your wedding actually was in the California State Capitol Building. That was cool, though, because Arnold Swachernagger (sp?) came by to shake our hands. You had this absolutely gorgeous dress, but you only wore it when you took a picture or during the ceremony. The other times you had a black Harry Potter-style robe on top of your gown. I, on the other hand, had the world’s ugliest dress. It was bright yellow with sections missing throughout the dress, and it had this thick brown wool sweater sewed onto it but just the arms and collar of said sweater.

I was there with my mom, dad and Ryan. The table you put us in was with your dad’s old friends – Lorenzo Lamas (a washed-up action actor) and a sumo wrestler. Before the wedding, you had everyone sit at their reception tables, but you didn’t tell us when the wedding started. Randomly, I walked into the ceremony area, and it looked like you were in the middle of getting married. But then I saw these life-sized wooden dolls in the seats (which were extremely creepy, by the way), so I thought they were your “practice” audience. However, I realized that real people were scattered in the audience, too, and someone told me that it was your real wedding going on.

During your wedding, you kept having casual conversations and laughing while the minister was marrying you, which was odd. Jillian was your maid of honor, and your bridesmaid was some girl I had never seen before, but they had super ugly dresses on – ivory satin with this Statue of Liberty-like sash. Plus, they were really frumpy. After the ceremony, I went to my hotel room to cut of the sweater part because I was so hot. I ran into you and Nathan in the hall, and you told me that you might not come back to the reception because you and Nathan were going to go, well, you know, wink, wink. I got really upset and was like, what?! I haven’t even seen you! You’re just going to ditch your wedding?

So I ran off crying, and all of a sudden, I was running on this rocky beach, and you and Nathan came running after me apologizing. But you turned into Emily, and she came out of the ocean. So Emily (or supposedly you) said that I was right and decided to schedule another reception. So we went to this little shack that sells cruises around the bay and were going to book one for another reception. All of a sudden, I was naked but had a giant beach ball to cover me. I ran to the bathroom and woke up."